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GUARDIANS is a mobile application for management your on-calls in hospitals, GUARDIANS is made by doctors for doctors.

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What is Guardians?

Guardians is an application that helps medical students who are doing a specialty to optimize their time in a better way, they can make plans to visit their family on special dates, take a well-deserved vacation and all that that entails with a lot time in advance (buying bus or plane tickets, booking a hotel, buying tickets for an event, etc.). Guardians is made with the opinion and criteria of some doctors who have had problems planning even for a weekend party because sometimes not everyone in the group can attend the party due to poor planning. Guardians came to the rescue!

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Our Key Features

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Guardians has a beautiful and unique design based on current trends. Monochrome icons and material style design make our application unique.

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Select an icon and color for each guard, then using option for customize all app with your guard accent color, customize GUARDIANS with your favorite color.

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See your guard (and his friends) in the same calendar and check who is work now, tomorrow, or yesterday at the same space.

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We put our applications through intensive testing periods to guarantee the best stability and speed. We debug until we find no errors that may affect the user experience.

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Guardians is the best application that currently exists for the control of medical guards. More than 4.5 stars (average) on Android and iOS endorse Guardians as a quality application.

Available in all mobile platforms

Guardians is available for iOS and Android OS, designed for use on any device and in any format such as smartphone or tablet, use Guardians on your current mobile device without worrying about compatibility or the size of your screen.

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Our Services

We develop beautiful & powerful applications, our specialty is mobile, web and cloud apps.
We work using the best practices in our clients projects, we work together to launch your project faster and with the best quality.

Our software engineers are highly trained to carry out your project, we also carry out constant training with new technologies and reinforce existing technologies in order to offer a quality solution.

Make your project with Us.

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What People Say

Manuel Lopez profile picture

This is an amazing app. When I was going to my residence didn't have this kind of tools to control my free time, it was a frenzy calculating my free weekends to travel to visit my family, but now I recommended to my MIPS and they haven't the same problem.

Cardiologist - Private Hospitals

Alisa profile picture

It’s excellent to good management of my little free time, sometimes I can’t make plans because I don’t know if need work some days. Even last Christmas I didn't know I had to work and I was making plans with my family.

Gynecologist & Obstetrician at IMSS

Maximo Portillo profile image

Guardians is an interesting tool for medical students, it is an excellent guard manager. I have seen several colleagues use other applications but some are ugly and others work poorly, but guardians does everything as it should.

Plastic Surgeon - Private Hospitals

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